Pardon & Gifts

Suppose you hear a word ‘pardon’, what is the association that comes to your mind? When I walked the green path with sunray-glazed air, I connected that word with a situation where there is a party, jam-packed room with guess like the Sirs and Madams. I imagined myself as I am who I am, a teenager that still long for freedom and unconventional things, faced with those elegant aristocrats. Having able to enter that party itself is already a privilege to attend, furthermore, being able to enjoy the delicacies while having fellowship with the Joneses and Smiths is the extra boom to the moment. But, woops, in a moment, as you rushed to the cocktail table, accidentally you spill the juice to the party’s host’s gorgeous suite. Rushing to your memory at the very same moment, you remember on how you have thrown the first invitation letter to your dustbin, labelled it as spam. Double woops!! What kind of feeling will happen inside your little heart? Afterwards, feeling the sense of embarrassment is overwhelmingly unbearable, you ran away and crashed towards the owner’s son and make him fall to the floor. Triple trouble!

I presume this is what happens when we have been invited gracefully to the party of the Son of God. Not only we have ever rejected, or at least doubted the serene motivation behind the invitation, but we also do something disgraceful to the gracious one. What makes it so astonishingly unbelievable is not the expression of wrath that the party’s owner has in store for the ignorant guest. Instead, it is the pardon that is granted towards the offender. On top of that, you still able to walk home safely, with hands full of takeaways?!?!?! The highlight of grace is the pardon and gifts given to the underserving one.

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