The Joy of The Lord is Our Strength

As a human, I always need a constants source of strength to face my daily lives. It is not to say that my days are full of struggles and conflicts, but even in the most calm and relaxing day, I do need a source that can inspires me and sustain me throughout the day. The most obvious one is usually, football, yes football. I am not a professional footballer whose the first thing that come into mind after getting out of bed is kicking some balls, no, not in that manner. I usually get inspired by looking at match highlights at the Internet and it seems that it has successfully made my day. However, not long after that, the sensation of feat is foregone. Then, I plunge back into sense of static that not sad, yet not happy.

Pastor John Piper said that God is most delighted when we enjoy Him at the most. This may sounds creepy as how do we enjoy God, whom His visibility itself, we cannot see. The relevant question is how are we supposed to enjoy a matter that is unseen, that we cannot be ascertained for sure about its existant. If I enjoy soccer, then I enjoy a thing that I can see, that is the ball. But with God, how do we enjoy Him?

In Nehemiah 8:10 and 12; it is written that the joy of the Lord is our strength and after I read the verse 12, it is stated that the people did not weep anymore as they understood the words that had declared to them. Going from this text, it is a possible conclusion that we could get the joy, in other words, we could enjoy The Lord by receiving the words that have been declared to us. Isn’t that mean the joy come from hearing the words of God? In the Romans 10:17, faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Hearing that written twice here stresses the continuous and active verb of hearing. Does that mean if we continuously hearing the gospel that would establish and build our faith, in turn, increases our capacity to absorb the joy from the Lord? Yes, The words is our answer as it is written in Proverbs 4:20-23 that people need to incline their ears to watch and listen closely to what God has to say in our life, including attaining that ever-longing for joy, which springs from our heart if we examine closely according to the gospel as in verse 23.

Generally speaking, we could only get satisfaction from the things which we value. I do not want to be seen as a soccer maniac, but if it seems, so be it as I want to draw illustration from this context once again. Let’s say I support a certain soccer team, then I must be drawing my satisfaction from that team’s performance as I highly appreciate the value of that team. Regardless of what the others say about my team, I would remain adamant that my team is the best, at least, in my heart.

Thus, if we haven’t yet valued God as not a mere priceless Mastercard, then we could not have the tank to fill in with the Joy that comes from the Lord, doesn’t it? If that’s the case, it would be improbable as well we are willing to read the gospel as we haven’t valued His words as invaluable. Therefore, if a man has been saved and confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour, isn’t that belong to the category of miraculous event and wonder already? If you are standing in Church, listening to the sermon and worshipping the Lord, isn’t that a fact that could be a source of joy? Isn’t by seeing that you have already known Christ is a fact that drive your heart into a state of gratitude and joy from the satisfaction of knowing Christ? In other words, the pure joy that comes only from the merciful and loving God could be our fortress of strength.

The fact that we are always empty and our souls pant for an object that could constantly fill our thirst is a true indicator that we need a source that is eternal and ever-able to make us suffice, whole and complete. What kind of object, or I must say, a person that could be? Isn’t  that Jesus Christ who has been died for the sake of Father’s love for us exceedingly able to assure our hearts that we have been forgiven and just rightly in front of heaven and earth? Thus, giving us a guarantee that no matter how our life would turn into, one thing that will always remain, that the joy of The Lord is our strength, as we have found what we had always been looking for, and be joyful from that everlasting truth. Amen.

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