What is the Gospel?

I have been pondering for hundred of years about pouring out my reflection of gospel into form of writing. It was not materialised until the beginning of this year, where I started to become firm on my intention to start writing due to my new year resolution, doing a thing that I have not been doing before. Then, my cell group leader asked each and everyone of us to start meditating about one particular question, what the gospel means really to us. I saw this as an opportunity to start my blog about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am hoping to post regularly about my life and journey with Christ. I do not have any intention to teach or position myself above anyone else in this world, I would rather engage and stimulate us into discussion to understand more about His word and passion for us. Ultimately, this blog is the medium for me to study and apply my understanding about His Words which He has revealed to me during the course of my life.

John 3:16 states that because of His wondrous and unfathomable love for us, God as the Father was willing to sacrifice His only Son. At first, I honestly admit that I do not marvel at this verse. I am not saying that I disregard the truth, instead I appreciate the veracity of it but I somehow could not appreciate as the truth really is. I have not known yet how does it feel to have an only son and sacrificed on the cross but I know according to my father’s love for me, that He must have been hurt, so much, witnessing that His only Son had to die.

God is merciful, but He is also just. Therefore, human’s sin demands satisfaction on the name of justice. There is only one option to pay the consequence of sin, that is by the death of the trespasser as Romans 6:23 says that the wage of sin is death. If God had been heartless and build everything revolves in His ego, all mankin would have been surely die. No any human’s effort is even worthy to be considered as the minimum level of goodness before Him. Our perception about good works to bridge the gap between us and God is rubbish compared to how despicable is our sin. Then how can we be saved?

Isaiah 55:8 emphasise how significant and unintelligible is the disparity between human’s way of logic and His marvellous plan. God invites each and every one of us to acknowledge His ways and trust upon His plan. Gospel, which means good news, is really a good news. The sender of the message came down to earth Himself to show us the way that leads to salvation. He labels this invitation as a question whether we would like to have a drink and food that really satisfies our souls (Isaiah 55:1-2). In John 4, Jesus refers Himself as the living water to the Samaritan woman. He is the answer for our thirst and longing for greatness. Our misery has its roots on the sense of stranger due to separation from God. Every single time you go into a foreign land, most likely you will feel insecure, threatened, or uncomfortable right? Even though you have your GPS and Internet on your smartphones, more often than not you need time to adapt to the new, or I should put it as strange environment. Even after years of spending time on that new piece of land, you will feel homesick sometimes. Why? Because naturally, we feel that is not our home, the place where our heart and soul belong. So does with our life in this earth. Ecclesiastes 3:11 affirms that deep inside our heart, there is a conscience that inclines to the eternity. The question is not to believe whether there is an afterlife, but whether one is willing to accept the truth or pretending as if the world is exist just as long as we could breathe.

The gospel encompass everything about our life. Jesus is the blazing center, the cornerstone, the foundation where everything revolves around Him as it is written in Colossians 1:16 and John 1:3. The gospel is the message that tells us that the center of this universe is willing to die on the behalf of our trespasses to pass on His righteousness as a result of His perfect obedience to cover our hopeless sinful nature so that we could accept His invitation and enter into a communion with Him as the original design, in His throne of mercy and grace. Amen.